RSJ Private Equity manages a broad investment portfolio in real estate, energy industry, agriculture, biotechnologies and other economic sectors. We focus on key industries for the 21st century, such as power generation from renewables, sustainable and healthy food production, information technology, and life sciences, applied research leading to a longer and better human life. In addition to considering profitability, we take into account our projects´ potential to contribute to significant shifts in the given industry or field of activity.   

RSJ Private Equity is a self-managed qualified investors fund, currently managing assets of shareholders and partners of the investment company RSJ a.s. RSJ Private Equity was transformed, on 31st December 2014, into a SICAV fund, investment company with variable capital, RSJ Private Equity investiční fond s proměnným základním kapitálem, a.s.“. It has nine sub-funds. 

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